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If you and your business are on the road to success, then it is critical that your team are along for the ride.

As a business advisor and trainer, Sean Martyn creates and delivers bespoke training sessions and workshops to upskill, empower and focus your team.

Want to increase sales? Ensure your team have a sales focus and are upskilled in selling techniques. Want to change the way you do business to move to a new level? Make sure your employees are on the same page. Want to be able to spend more time with the family? Train up your future leaders.

Sean works with you to understand your business goals and team skills gaps, then creates a tailored training program.

Sales workshops equip your team with powerful techniques for finding, creating and converting a sale.

Customised leadership development workshops equip senior staff with a toolkit to tap into their own potential and bring out the best in the people around them.

Tailored change-management programs and workshops enable you to share your strategy, goals and initiatives, and workshop ways each area of your business can deliver the change needed to achieve success.

Planning for success workshops allow you to engage your top talent in the business planning process, securing buy-in and empowering all areas of the business to contribute to your success.

Training sessions with Sean not only develop and nurture individual staff members, they build team culture, increase workplace engagement, ignite imaginations and improve talent retention. Increase the likelihood of achieving your business goals, while creating an environment where you can share the load.

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What People Say

Benjamin Davoren

Tacmed Australia

The business leaders forum was a stimulating, informative and empowering workshop. I feel like my ideas have been recharged, my passion boosted and my tool kit has been increased. Highly recommended it you are a self starter looking for a competitive edge.

Sarah Furney

Ben Furney Flour Mills

The ultimate measure of Sean’s impact is that within 8 weeks of employing Sean I was confronted with the challenge of needing to take maternity leave as CEO. I can now say that as result of the change’s we have instigated together in the following 6 months, I am now confident in my management teams...

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Gareth Shipperlee

Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The management team of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce asked Sean Martyn to speak at our monthly chamber gathering. We found Sean’s presentation enlightening and entertaining. It created a positive disturbance among the participants at the event, which I am aware lead to immediate actions by some of these attendees. If you are looking...

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Ian Hogbin

HQB Accountants Auditors Advisors

“I think the big outcome was to create an awareness to the whole management team, of the importance of working on the business. By subjecting them to a day’s strategic planning session, I think they realized that there is more to the business than dealing with compliance, and that planning needs to be implemented.”  

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